Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mommy Bride to Daddy Child

Its been ages since I did a post for Mama Kat's Writers workshop, but for someone who blogs very little, it is a good way to get new writing juices flowing.
This weeks topics did not stand out to me immediately, but after spending some time in thought, I realized that there is something that you learn being married for the time that I have been married.

When I was young, I had my wedding all planned out in my head. I had a theme, How I wanted to look and pretty much got it all accept the Ice sculpture I wanted.
The one thing I did not plan or prepare for was the groom. In my head, he would be everything I need. I NEED....

Almost everyone I grew up with had 'daddy' issues, including myself. So it is easy to assume that we all looked for someone who would take up where daddy left off. But when we are in the heat of passion and literally 'fall' in love, we never stop to think what marriage with this person would be like. My mother never really discussed how marriage was until I already was married and it took me some time to adjust to life as a married woman as it was faaaar from what I expected.

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and I respect him as the head of my house, but I had no idea how hard being a wife would actually be. It is very true that men are the heads of the house, but at the same time, they are our BIG babies. My Hubby goes weak in the knees if I just rub his head the right way.... he he he.

My Hubby is quite impulsive and goes with what he feels in the moment, which is not a bad thing, but when you have to make a choice between buying a super expensive flashy car or a house for your family, its time to take a few steps back, right.
He bought the car because just the thought of it made him hot. I should have been mad, I should have scolded him, but then in a moment of clarity, you have to be grown up enough to realise that being the grown up does not mean you try to teach him a lesson for misbehaving. Instead, embrace his choice, no matter how hot the fire in your belly rages... 'Laugh out loud'.

Needles to say, we got the home after the flashy car was written off and the thrill had worn off.
Until now, he probably does not even realize the choice that I had to make in that moment, but he loved every moment in that car, and that was a memory worth giving him.

There are days when I wish my Hubby would just 'grow up', but in hindsight, our home would be pretty dull if he did and my boys would never know how to be great men if he was not the big kid he is. Even though, being the grown up has made me pretty boring, my Hubby is definitely the 'lighter' side of me. So I was right... I really did NEED him ;)

So J, this is to you, my BIG Baby... XOXO

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