Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Face, New Direction

Today I decided to take some time and poor some love into my blog. My life runs around in circles with thousands of incomplete lists, and today, I get to tick at least one thing of that crazy list.

She is not complete, but she will have a lot of updated and new information in the next few days. So many things that I am excited to share!

There have been many twists and turns in my journey on this earth thus far, but now I can finally say that some or many of those turns now make sense and have sent me in a direction I would never have imagined. Its been a Phenomenal year thus far and things are not slowing down.

Take a peak into the MJay Who? Page, as there is a little information about what this blog might ultimately evolve into becoming.

I am literally Screaming inside when I think about all the wonderful things I now have to talk to everyone about, some controversial,of course.

Weigh in on the changes to the blog if you like... I would love some Constructive Criticism...

Tot Siens, Tot Laater....
(GoodBye, Till Later)

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