Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Back to our Banting ways

About two weeks ago I showed off my lovely fat rolls to the world and the plans that I had to shed them. Things did not go exactly according to plan, as they rarely do, but I a managed to get some good food in here and there. I even did a five minute exercise the other night.

After Jesse's Diagnosis, I really don't think it would do any harm to cut Gluten and Sugar out of diet for good. The last time we stuck to Banting for about two months, the kids were visibly more happy and had far less melt downs. I too felt the effects of eating this way and my ADD mind was in a far better place. So today, we went shopping for more Green foods and I bought the new kids Banting book which has great recipes in. Its a lot to read but since Liam loves to cook, my life will be a little simpler with him pitching in here and there.

So today, I am just going to show off some of the Banting Foods I Prepared on Monday. Hopefully I will have a lot more to share as I start to really get into cooking these meals again.

Home Made Coconut Bread!

Home Made Iced Tea

Cottage Pie

Almost all Done


Heather said...

hmm that pie looks yummy :) my kid is a sugar addict.

M.Jay. said...

My kids are just had bad Heather but we are going to change for good now